National & International Franchise

Marketing and Sales Program

Our deep core knowledge in digital marketing; social media along with brand marketing and representation service is a comprehensive service offered to existing franchise businesses to support their national and or international expansion using our RekRute-Process… A business network and section recruitment services to identify capable master franchisees and qualified per City, Country and Area for development purposes. Client’s based Selection Criteria to identify candidates.

A tailor made program that focuses on assisting franchisors from all sectors of the franchise industry with their national and international expansion by identifying qualified and capable city, country and area developers and master franchisees in target markets.

Phase 1 - RekRute Process & Marketing Identification Investor Profiles

Our relationships with franchise investors, franchisees are our most invaluable resource to our clients. Our team management and support team meet, evaluate and maintain ongoing communications with high net worth groups, sharing information on new brand opportunities.

Our investor databases are researched, developed, refined and managed so that we are able to immediately announce franchise opportunities to the most qualified prospects in a target country.

Morocco Franchise Alliance is the nationwide most comprehensive portfolio of national and international franchise development opportunities in Food – Retail & Service Sectors.

Morocco Franchise Alliance Review is a high quality magazine suited to the coffee tables of high net worth investors. Published twice a year, it promotes Food – Retail & Service brands we represent.

AL TAMAYOUZ IN MOROCCO is a monthly e-newsletter which briefs subscribers on signed deals national and international in franchise and franchising articles with featured franchise brands.

We organize in-house franchise forums and attend most important franchise industry events every year.

We organize 1 or 2-day National or International Franchise Discovery Meetings with pre-screened and qualified investor operator candidates for selected client brands. Each candidate meets on a 1-hour one-to-one basis structures around three 20 minute sessions on investor background, franchise business model and Q&A

Our global team of expert associates engage with prospective investor operators and promote our client brands in their respective markets.

We maintain agreements with professionals and suppliers national and international, who make investor introductions for specific client brands.

Phase 2 - Selected Qualified Candidates & engaged

Evaluation of and introduction to franchise brands
We present a list of brands interested in exploring opportunities in your development area based on the agreed selection criteria. This presentation will provide an overview of the brands’ backgrounds, businesses and other relevant information including:

  • Brand history
  • Ownership structure
  • Location of head office
  • Senior executive team
  • Number of domestic/international locations
  • Operating formats, menu offerings, etc.
  • National and or International franchise experience
  • Franchise development model
  • Assessment of suitability and appeal for investor’s development area
  • Assessment of compatibility with investor’s selection criteria
Phase 3 - Close Deal and execute Franchise Agreement
Preparation of comprehensive franchise documentation (Franchise Draft Summary or FDS)
  • Initial consultation/review
  • Needs analysis/initial FDS outline to include key terms summaries, Letter of Intent/Memorandum of Understanding, franchise agreement and master franchise agreement/area development agreement
  • Intermediate consultation/review 1
  • Finalize FDS outline
  • Draft FDS submission
  • Intermediate consultation/review 2
  • Final submission of FDS
  • Final consultation/review